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Your home is your castle, and needs to be defended—even if only from the threat of late-night visits from raccoons.

Security cameras ensure that you know what’s happening on the home front at all times.

We also have a wide range of plug-in, battery powered, or rechargeable wireless cameras that can be easily mounted to a wall or ceiling–or conveniently place on a tabletop or window sill.

Outdoor Options Also consider features that can enhance your surveillance and deterrence capabilities day and night—whether at home or on the road.

The simplest way to think about the types of security cameras is to break them down into two groups: indoor cameras, and outdoor cameras.Wi-Fi enabled outdoor security cameras with night vision, and two-way audio let you instantly ward off intruders—or pesky raccoons—from virtually anywhere.If you’re on a limited budget, realistic-looking fake cameras surveillance camera can offer a measure of deterrence.Both antennas were mounted in the attic about 25 feet above ground. I picked up channel 5 in Mobile that is over 71 miles away. There are many benefits to having audio enabled security cameras as part of your business or home security system.

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