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Christmas Tree adds a distinctive charm to every table -- celebrating traditions and creating memories.

Spode is a Stoke-on-Trent based pottery company that was founded by Josiah Spode (1733–1797) in 1770.

Around the rim are vignettes of Alumni Hall, The Gymnasium, Medical School Entrance and Kissam Hall. The Spalding House, Abbot Square built in 1803, home of Daniel Abbott known as the Father of Nashua.

Backstamp: Historic Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennessee. Old English Staffordshire Ware Jonroth England Made in Staffordshire England Imported Exclusively from The Living Endowment of Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennessee Adams Est 1657 England. Dimensions: 19 cm / 7.5 ins Our ref: ADAM20336P Buy similar now Maker: Adams Pattern: American Commemorative pink Plate City of Nashua c1953 Centennial of the City of Nashua N. Imported by Jones, Mc Duffee and Stratton of Boston.

This blue-and-white china remained one of Spode’s most distinctive products for decades to come, though Spode also produced a variety of unglazed lines, including basalts, redwares, and canewares. Pattern numbers also appear on Spode pieces, with lower numbers used on earlier pieces and numbers 5,000 or higher used from 1833. The word appears on many pieces made by the factories.Inclusion does not suggest rarity or value and we are unable to offer more information, identifications or valuations.Archive items are not for sale and to buy china please visit our Home Page or click on Buy Similar Now. Maker: Adams Pattern: American Commemorative Plate Mount Vernon Lovely plate printed ina rich dark blue, featuring Mount Vernon.When Josiah Spode passed away, his son, Josiah Spode II, took over the business in 1797.

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